About us:

Founded in:  2007 by Troy Simpson & partner Jamie Karuza.

We believe by combining our passion for the tase, our  determination, and attention to detail,  while able to set the pace on all our projects makes the difference in the quality of work you will receive from us on your next project(s).

Simpsons History

Troy Simpson; grandson to Jeanne and Bill Simpson, founders of, "Simpson Sheet Metal" started working side by side with Scott Karuza, at Karuza Plumbing, Inc., in 2005.  After 4 years of working with Scott, doing rough and top out plumbing, Troy became the lead heavy equipment operator for the company. Where he spent the next 10 years with his own crew completing all underground/excavating projects. He later was given the opportunity to work closely with, John Poulson of John’s Excavating, Inc. and Brian Musco of Musco Excavations.  

Jamie Karuza; daughter to Scott Karuza, founder of Karuza Plumbing, Inc.  grew up in her father, Scott Karuza's, Plumbing company where she mastered the skills from behind the sense, allowing her to bring 10 years of plumbing-related business skills.

It's safe to say our strong up bringing in this industry has allowed us to achieve the impossible.